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Exploring Vietnam’s Rising Role in the Gaming Industry — Insights from Sparx* General Manager Samuel Stevenin

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The Ethics of AI in Healthcare: Should We Trust Algorithms with Our Lives?

As AI becomes increasingly involved in medical decision-making, how can we ensure the protection of patient data and privacy without compromising care?

5 mins read
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    Navigating the Memecoin Minefield: Unveiling the Psychology Behind These Novel Currencies

    5 mins read

The Latest in AIThe Latest in AI

  • A deep dive into the realm of virtual influencers and the quest to determine whether they’re an ingenious marketing evolution or a digital mirage that obscures reality.


    The Rise of Virtual Influencers: Are We Being Manipulated?

    5 mins read
  • AI interview systems seem to be the answer for overwhelmed HR departments looking to conduct interviews quickly and efficiently, but they lack the judgment and empathy of a human being.

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